Passengers Push Stalled Train Engine And Start It Back Again. It Happened In India.

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12:12 pm 15 Jun, 2015

There are two things to know and a lesson to learn from this unique incident that took place in Gwalior. One, there is no level crossing on the narrow gauge train line that cuts through a busy road, and, two, the train runs on an engine that can breakdown right in the middle of that very road.


Passengers of Kailaras-Sabalgadh train achieved a feat that will land them in glorious pages of the ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ tome.

Overheating caused the engine to stop midway, right in the middle of a busy road. No one from the railways cared to take note of the situation. Fed up, the passengers pushed the train to some distance before the engine started breathing again, reports Daily Bhaskar.


The only lesson is very important, however: India should not focus its attention on bullet trains when its existing railway network needs a drastic makeover.


And why after so many lectures on railway safety is there no level crossing? Just because it is narrow gauge doesn’t mean there can’t be any accidents!


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