This Indian Origin Woman Could Be America’s Next Secretary of State

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1:26 pm 18 Nov, 2016

While the US is still reeling from US’s President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in 2016’s Presidential election, there is news that him becoming the President might bring some good news for an American of Indian origin.

Bringing another unpredictability to his government, there is news that he has now thrown in a wild card with regards to a potential candidate for the position of secretary of state.

Further, there are speculations that Trump is tapping South Carolina governor Nikki Haley aka Nimrata Randhawa for the critical post in his administration.


If he actually ends up appointing Nikki in his administration, she would become the first person of Indian origin in the US to hold a cabinet position.

The move will also continue a recently formed tradition of a woman being appointed at that position as three of the last five people to head the state department were women, namely Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Though at present the move is just a speculation, Nikki was scheduled to meet Trump at Trump Towers on November 17 and his transition team has confirmed that Nikki is in the running for the top post.

There are also several other prominent names making the rounds for the post of Secretary of State, like that of Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton among others.

If Trump actually picks Nikki for the key post, it will send out a strong message that his administration would not be overrun by racists and xenophobes as Nikki, though born in South Carolina, is a woman of foreign origin.


Nikki so far has already broken many barriers as she won the governorship of a southern state when she was just 38 years-old, and kept her seat four years later.

She also became the first female governor of South Carolina in the process and is the first non-Caucasian and the first Asian-American governor.

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