India Joins An Elite Group Of Navies As It Successfully Test Fires Barak-8

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1:30 pm 31 Dec, 2015

Achieving a significant milestone in enhancing its anti-air warfare capability, the Indian Navy has successfully conducted twin tests of their latest and most potent Surface to Air Missile – Barak 8 – from INS Kolkata.


The test which was conducted on the evening of December 29 and morning of December 30, will pave the way for installation of the system on board country’s frontline warships.

The firing trial of the LR-SAM has been jointly carried out by the Indian Navy, DRDO and Israel Aerospace Industries.

The LR-SAM has been manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited.



During both the tests, the LR-SAM missiles, also known as the Barak-8, successfully intercepted their aerial targets at extended ranges.

The Barak-8 can successfully defend our shored against different short-to-long-range airborne threats, including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones and projectiles.

The missile has a flexible command and control system that enables it to simultaneously engage multiple targets day and night and in all-weather conditions.


Representational Gif

Representational Gif

Besides testing Barak-8, the Indian Navy also tested the Multi Functional Surveillance and Threat Alert Radar (MF STAR) for detection, tracking and guidance of the missile.

Israel made MF-STAR radar system is capable of simultaneously tracking hundreds of airborne targets to a range of more than 250 KM.


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The missile was intended to have a range of 70 km, giving the warship a long range anti-aircraft and anti-missile cover, but reports suggest that the missile’s range have been extended up to a distance of 90 km.

Though the exact range of the intercept of both the tests has not been revealed yet, the successful firing of Barack-8 was good news for India, as it is one of its kind system in the world.


With this successful testing, the Indian Navy has joined a select group of navies that has this niche capability. It also gives the Indian Navy a quantum jump in air defence capabilities.

Talking about the successful testing the Indian Navy issued a statement that said:

“This missile along with the MF STAR would provide these ships the capability to neutralize aerial threats at extended ranges. With the successful proving of these systems, Indian Navy has become part of a select group of Navies that have this niche capability, which would provide a fillip to our maritime operations.”

This launch now also ensures that all the major warships like Kolkata-class destroyers, the INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier and many others would be equipped with LR-SAM missiles.




Here is a video explaining how LR-SAM missiles system works:



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