Indian Media Houses Want You To Disable Adblockers And Many Are Not Happy About It

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6:36 pm 1 Jul, 2016

Just in case you didn’t notice, Indian online news publishing houses are asking you to disable adblockers on your browsers.

It started on June 30 and is being implemented by nearly every major Indian media house such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, NDTV, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, etc.


While there are reasons for the media houses to ask for disabling of adblockers (you know, money is important), many are really unhappy about it.

Just to sum up why people like adblockers, you need to see this screenshot of the Times of India website shared by one Redditor.

All the coloured panels are the ads highlighting how intrusive and irritating they can be for a reader. The red highlighted parts are ads, the purple are articles of TOI, and the green part is the news.


Giving an example of TOI, a software engineer pointed out that the site carries a load of trackers too.


Some Redditors are hilariously saying that they’re switching to PTI to read the news.


India has the second-highest number of people who actively use ad-blockers on the mobile web (122 million) behind China’s 159 million, says a report on analytics platform PageFair. The estimate states that around 22% (419 million of 1.9 billion smartphone users) block ads around the world.

Though ads are essential for the revenue generation of any website, blocking ads helps ensure privacy and reduce the risk of getting infected by malware. Besides, ads consume a lot of data.

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