Indian Maid Case: Saudi Police Denies Allegations, Says She Lost Hand In Accident

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6:10 pm 17 Oct, 2015

In a twist to the story of an Indian maid who alleged that her hand was chopped off by her Saudi employer, the Riyadh Police has denied the allegations.

In the official statement sent by the Saudi Embassy in Delhi, Riyadh police said:

“The arm had been severed when Ms. Munirathinam ‘lost her balance and fell down, hitting the edge of an electricity generator located on the lower part of the house. This resulted in the severing of her arm on the scene itself’.”

The statement is in sharp contrast to Munirathinam’s allegation. According to Munirathinam, the family that employed her in June this year was abusive and even tortured her.

Unable to bear the treatment, she had attempted to leave their third-floor apartment by climbing down a rope made from a sari through a window when she was accosted by the woman she worked for.

“I pleaded with the lady not to harm me, but she kicked me, punched me and cut off my arm,” she had said.

However, the Ministry of External Affairs, which condemned the incident and said that it was ‘unacceptable’, declined to comment on the Saudi official’s version.

An official said that it is an initial police report. “The final investigation report will now be awaited,” he added.

The horrific case of Munirathinam has outraged many around the world as it has become a symbol of the condition of domestic workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As reported earlier, the MEA has taken a serious view of the fact that Saudi Arabia remains the only one of 18 Gulf countries refusing to obey Indian guidelines for Foreign Employers (FEs), including a rule on giving bank guarantees to the Indian Embassy.

As a result, Munirathinam’s story is also a test case for the government’s new resolve to hold the Saudi government accountable for the treatment of about 25 lakh Indian workers in the country.

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