Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

6:00 am 12 Feb, 2014

Journalism is one of the oldest and most honorable occupations in India. In this country, where watching and reading news daily is looked upon as a religion, journalists are no less than demi Gods who speak nothing short of the truth. However, in reality, this is slowly proving to be a myth; more so, because of few people who have taken this profession more as a means to satiate selfish ends rather than serving the democratic needs. Let’s have a look at few names that glorify the list of Indian journalism hall of shame—

5. Kumar Ketkar

Chief Editor of Dainik Divya Marathi, Kumar Ketkar is one of the most experienced journalists in India. However, that hasn’t instilled in him the importance of remaining essentially apolitical, especially in this profession. Although it was eons ago that he had been the speech writer for Congress, his habit of being pro-Congress and dead against BJP or anything else that is remotely connected to BJP still lingers large around him. However, those who follow him closely, are finding him shifting his faith towards AAP—so much so that he’s being acting as a honorary defense lawyer cum spokesperson for the same! Recently, he dug out the Ayodhya movement as a liable example to validate Kejriwal’s “anarchic” nature (read: absurdist stupidity!).

Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

4. Nidhi Razdan

The primary anchor of the NDTV 24*7 show “Left, Right and Center”, Nidhi Razdan comes out as a confused soul, even while going Live, who relentlessly starves to unveil the “larger picture” but each time all her serious efforts go to the dogs! She’s one person who sincerely believes that she has all the right to question the orders of the Supreme Court of India. However, her detest for BJP came out when she almost tore her head apart in her show while demanding an explanation on why Narendra Modi was invited to speak in the British Parliament. She perhaps holds the world record for pronouncing the words “controversies” and “controversial” for the most number of times in a sentence.

Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

3. Karan Thapar

One of India’s most “celebrated” journalists, Karan Thapar is infamously known as “The Tool” after almost ridiculing the presidential candidate PA Sangma of being mere “tool” or puppet vested to the interest of some of the leading political parties of India. It’s really an important question to judge whether he is simply a retarded person who only wants to see his status rise or is he just another “journalist” who is basically tactless or clueless of his surroundings. To understand the truth of this, you just need to go through the episode when Nawaz Sharif became the PM of Pakistan and Karan Thapar overwhelmingly discussed the “hands of friendship” on his show (which was later re-quoted by Pakistan on LOC violations).

Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

2. Ashutosh

He’s one of those journalists who made it big without any baggage or support from the who’s who of Indian politics (and journalism). However, he too proved to be nothing but a mere show when he started being an activist for AAP under the garb of being a “journalist” (may be, he was unaware of the basic fact that journalists are supposed to be apolitical, at least professionally!). Later on, seeing the circumstances turning against him, he switched over to be a full time politician; and in being so, he flouted most of the measures undertaken by him as a closet journalist when he fully plunged into the sphere—One of the examples being his sudden reversal from a pro-FDI to a stern anti-FDI person. He’s stupidity has become a talk of the town so much that Kiran Bedi, on a recent show, handed him Roget’s Thesarus to make him understand the meaning of “anarchy”. Well….

Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

1. Deepak Chaurasia

One of the most controversial news personalities around, Deepak Chaurasia was with India News before being arrested for his proceedings. He is one person who can sell off even his own self to gain money—he’s a part of the paid media who produces fake news and bulletins against bribes. He was even accused of producing news which might unnecessarily provoke hatred among people against a specific person (read: the infamous Asaram Bapu case). His dealings and fakeness has provoked the entire nation to vote for him as the most hated journalist of the year!

Indian Journalism Hall Of Shame

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