Indian Horror Movies: They Put The ‘Ho’ In Horror

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4:39 pm 1 Jun, 2016

Is it just me, or are there others who find themselves wondering why Hindi horror movies were always so sleazy? And why were the ghosts always such horny buggers? Why?!!

What kind of ghost peeps through the keyhole to watch a naked woman in the shower? Aren’t ghosts non-corporeal beings? As in, they no have no body! So what would a ghost get out of looking in through the bedroom window and watch B-grade actors simulate the strangest sexual acts of all time? How would watching some random man tell Mrs. D’Souza, or whoever, that she has, and I quote, “a lag full of sax”, titillate a bhoot? How?!!

Anyway, let’s blame the Ramsay Brothers for these and the many other things so many of us can never unsee, and take a look at some of the weirdest movie posters ever made.


1. Please to note what’s happening on the bottom right side of this poster!


2. Is that Mohnish Bahl on the left?


3. So much grossness! Eurgh!


4. Look carefully, hanky-panky happening on the left side of the poster!


5. Why is the ghost carrying a naked woman? What could he possibly hope to do with her?!!


6. Bhoot jealous of bald man.


7. Something truly disturbing is happening in the bottom left corner here!


8. Why, God? Why?!!


9. People are dying willy-nilly, and these freaks are busy getting it on in the middle of it all! Amazing!


10. WTF?!!

Maybe there’s a subliminal message here. Something along the lines of, “Have sex, and get brutally murdered!” Maybe! I don’t know. Alls I can think of saying is, “The horror! The horror!”

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