Twitter Awards Indian Hacker $10,080 (Rs 6.8 lakh) For Discovering A Major Security Flaw

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1:22 pm 27 Jul, 2016

An Indian Hacker Avinash Singh, has been awarded $10,080 (Rs 6.8 lakh) from the social media giant Twitter after he discovered a security hole in their video-based platform Vine.

Avinash, is believed to have discovered this security hole months back though it was only recently that news about Twitter paying him became public.


The security hole that Avinash discovered, allowed him to access the entire cache of online code for Vine. Though he was able to access the whole vine site via this code, he refused to misuse it or share it with others.

Twitter, though have already pointed out the leak, and even fixed it as soon as Avinash pointed it out.

It is believed that Avinash discovered the hole while he was looking for vulnerabilities using, which is a search engine website.

Besides the Vine security Avinash via his blog has also pointed towards 20 Twitter bugs.

Avinash started contributing as a bounty hunter (hackers who find flaw in websites and get paid for it) in 2015. Being a hacker, details about him, besides his name and twitter ID is unknown.


He mainly focuses on finding Twitter bugs since they “fix problems and pay up quickly”, though he has also submitted similar bug reports to Coursera, OwnCloud, and Imgur.

According to his blog Avinash was given the highest awarded back in April 2016 and was  paid via Twitter partner and bug bounty startup HackerOne.


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