Censor Board Mutes The Word “Homosexual” From The World TV Premiere Of ‘Aligarh’

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5:15 pm 12 Sep, 2016

This is the story of India’s messed up Censor Board and its totally absurd attitude about all things gay! Staying true to its undeterred worship of stupidity thus far, the Censor Board on Sunday muted the word “homosexual” from the world TV premiere of the movie, ‘Aligarh’.

For those of you who do not grasp the irony of the move, ‘Aligarh’ is the story of a homosexual professor from AMU.


The entire story is about society’s treatment of homosexuals and how homophobia leaves no room for humanity.  The Censor Board, in all its wisdom, decided to mute words like “homosexual”, “gair mard“, and such like from the movie premiere.

Director, Hansal Mehta, tweeted,

Filmmaker Apurva Asrani wrote,

It’s strange, really, the parameters on which they decide what to censor and what to let be. Hindi movies are bursting at the seams with innuendos, curse words of the mother-sister variety, and a LOT of really questionable, nay objectionable, stuff. The Censor Board sleeps through all of that, but Lord forbid the word homosexual make it past them!

Apparently, it’s okay for “innocent” kids and unsuspecting grannies to hear words like a**hole, and f**k, and MC/BC a bajillion times a day. It is even okay for them to be introduced to the infamous Bose DK. But Pahlaj Nihalani seems convinced that the surefire way to destroy the fabric of society, and thereby annihilate Hindustani sabhyata, is to let the word homosexual be aired on TV. Pity!


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