An Untold Story: Indian Army Peacekeepers Saved Thousands During South Sudan Rescue Mission

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4:26 pm 23 Mar, 2016

The mainstream Indian media may have missed but a report published said that a a force of 2,275 Indian servicemen in South Sudan saved thousands of lives.

Indian Army peacekeepers conducted the most remarkable defence operation in the history of United Nations peacekeeping operations, at Malakal, Pibor and Melut in South Sudan.

Map of South Sudan icrc

Map of South Sudan icrc

The African nation witnessed ethnic clashes in Malakal on February 17.

Subsequently, refugees putting up at the ‘Protection of Civilian Camp’ came under machine-gun fire. Reports say things got worse when 37,000 more people sought shelter in the camp.

The army, deployed there under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), also called IndBatt, took positions and fired back at the attackers to prevent the slaughter.

UN peacekeepers on duty in Jonglei state, South Sudan un

UN peacekeepers on duty in Jonglei state, South Sudan un

In Pibor, located close to the country’s eastern border with Ethiopia, on February 23, town residents began seeking refuge in the UN camp since the evening of February 21.

It was a tough task for 800 men of IndBatt-2, manned by men from the Indian army’s 7 Kumaon, to not only secure the base but also frisking those entering to ensure no armed personnel sneaked in.

Indian peacekeepers theguardian

Indian peacekeepers theguardian

After reports that armed men were moving towards the facility, the IndBatt-2 used a mine-proof vehicle as a shield from the raging gunfire, to safely extract 25 civilians to the safety of the UNMISS compound. It included were 11 patients who were subsequently treated within the base.

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