Indian Army Launches Biggest Counter Assault At LoC Since 2003 To Avenge Fallen Soldiers

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11:34 am 23 Nov, 2016

According to news reports, the Indian Army on November 23 launched a massive counter assault along the Line of Control (LoC) in north Kashmir a day after three Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani Forces, with the body of one being mutilated.

In retaliation, the Indian Army has now started a fire assault on Pakistan’s permanent defences using heavy mortars.



Representational Image. PTI

The Indian Army though is only targeting and decimating those Pakistani Army posts that helped the infiltration by giving cover fire to the terrorists.

A Senior officer has revealed that this is the biggest fire assault along the LoC since 2003 and is a “heavy retribution for the cowardly act” that the Pakistan Forces has performed.

On November 22, three Indian soldiers were killed at LoC in Jammu and Kashmir, with one of them being beheaded by the Pakistani Forces.


Channi Anand

Representational Image. Channi Anand

This was also the second incident of beheading of an Indian soldier at LoC in less than a month.

The attack, according to the Indian Army, bore the “signature” of the Pakistan Army’s Border Action Team and they are thus looking for ‘retribution for the cowardly act’.

Pakistan so far has denied all these allegations.

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