India Might Soon Sell BrahMos Missile To 15 Countries, Including China’s Enemies

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8:54 pm 9 Jun, 2016

Taking a huge leap in the military export area, India is all set to sell its advanced cruise missile system BrahMos to 15 countries.


It must be noted that it also include those countries that are engaged in a conflict with China over the South China Sea.


According to reports, the plans to sell BrahMos to countries that are hostile to China was revealed by a secret note written by the Modi government.

Each Indian warship is equipped with eight or 16 BrahMos missiles each. Plans are on to equip smaller vessels with sets of two or four missiles each.


INS Rajput firing a BrahMos missile Wikimedia

INS Rajput firing a BrahMos missile Wikimedia

Reports claim that the said note also urges BrahMos Aerospace, the company which makes the supersonic missiles, to speed up their production.

It has been revealed that the government wants the production to be sped up so that India can sell BrahMos to at least five buyers, namely Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Chile and South Africa, who recently expressed their interest in buying the technology.

It is said 11 other countries have also expressed interest in buying the missiles and are currently negotiating with India.


The countries include Philippines,Thailand, Malaysia and UAE.

Vietnam has been interested in buying the technology from India for a very long time, but in 2011 a deal was put on hold as it was feared that the move might anger China.


File photo of PM Narendra Modi shaking hands with Vietnamese PM Nguyen Tan Dung Getty

File photo of PM Narendra Modi shaking hands with Vietnamese PM Nguyen Tan Dung. Getty

Reports now claim that though 2011 deal didn’t follow through, India is now considering a proposal to offer Vietnam a battleship armed with BrahMos missiles instead of just offering them a missile battery.

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