‘La Nina’ Set To Give India Its Strongest Monsoon In 22 Years

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2:02 pm 26 May, 2016

India is set to receive its highest monsoon rainfall since 1994.


The monsoon rain this year would be higher as the odds of a La Nina have increased, which in turn will boost planting of rice, corn and oilseed crops this year.


La Nina is a type of shift between weather patterns that at its worse can cause havoc.

Best described as a roller-coaster ride, the weather pattern changes between El Nino and La Nina.




While El Nino is spurred on by a warming of the equatorial Pacific, which last year dried up rice crops across Southeast Asia, with the ocean’s surface now starting to cool down, it is now signalling the start of a La Nina which scientists say typically contributes to more hurricanes in the Atlantic, drought in Brazil and heavy rain in Indonesia and India.

Due to this change in weather pattern it is now being predicted that the precipitation during the four-month rainy season that starts in June would be at its highest.


This year precipitation is being predicted to be of 109 percent with the average of about 89 cm (35 inches of rain).


Even the India Meteorological Department has estimated it to be more than the 106 percent.

It must be noted that the forecast has a margin of error of 4 percent. So even by that margin the prediction is much above normal downpour.


This prediction, thus for the first time since 2013, is seen boosting prospects of agricultural production and ease an acute drinking water shortage that has been resulted from back-to-back droughts.



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