India’s New Stealth Fighter May Be Armed With BrahMos Cruise Missiles

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5:05 pm 29 Mar, 2016

India’s version of the Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA stealth fighter is likely to be armed with the Russian-Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile.


Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA stealth fighter airforce-technology

To be carried onboard the Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA)—as the Indian PAK-FA is known, the missile (based on the P-800 Oniks anti-ship missile) needs some modification before its implementation on the fighter jet.



“We presented it to developers of the FGFA — they asked to adjust the size of the missile, so it can be placed on board the aircraft. Such work is ongoing,” said Sudhir Mishra, the head of BrahMos Aerospace, told the Russian media outlet RIA Novosti.

The addition of the BrahMos to the jet would afford New Delhi a potent new capability.

Once completed, the FGFA would enable the Indian Air Force to penetrate into hostile airspace and strike at even the most heavily defended targets.



The jet would use its stealth and speed to get into launch position and launch the BrahMos from standoff ranges.

With its Mach 3.0 speed and 180-mile range, the BrahMos missile would enable India to hit Chinese and Pakistani targets with relative impunity.

A Mach 3.0 (3704 kilometers per hour) capable cruise missile is difficult to counter. Such a missile could potentially upset the global military order by evading early warning systems and striking their targets before enemies have time to react.



Cruise missiles “fly under their own power to their target and can fly low to evade early warning radar systems,” making them a particularly dangerous threat.

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