India Wins Four Medals On Day 1 Of The World Powerlifting Championship

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9:07 am 14 Oct, 2016

It was a dream start for India at the ongoing World Powerlifting Championship, as it won not one but four medals on the opening day of the competition.

While India’s Mukesh Singh Gehlot and Gaurav Sharma won India its first two Gold in their respective categories, Vaibhav Rana and Kanwardeep Singh won India two silver medals.


Mukesh Singh Gehlot Ajay Walia Photography

Mukesh Singh Gehlot Ajay Walia Photography

Gehlot was competing in the 125kg Raw category, while Gaurav Sharma competing in the 140kg+ Raw category for India.

Meanwhile, Vaibhav Rana and Kanwardeep Singh were part of the 125kg Raw category and 110kg Raw category respectively.

In World Powerlifting Championship, lifts may be performed equipped or un-equipped and thus it is typically called ‘Raw’ lifting competition. Though in IPF specifically un-equipped lifting is called ‘Classic’.


In these competitions “equipment” refers to a supportive bench shirt or squat/deadlift suit or briefs.

October 13’s gold was Gehlot’s second Gold in the World Championship as he had earlier won gold in 2013.

Thus he is now the World champion for the second time and is the first Indian ever to achieve this feat.


The World Powerlifting Championship is a three-day event and would conclude on October 15.

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