India Seeks US Help To Find The Missing Air Force Plane That Disappeared Last Week

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9:54 am 30 Jul, 2016

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on July 29 told the parliament that he has sought help from the US to find the missing AN-32 aircraft that disappeared last week.


Indian Air Force

File photo of AN-32 Aircraft. Indian Air Force

India has asked the US to check if their satellites captured any signals from the missing aircraft to find out if there was any sabotage that took place.

Though the possibility of sabotage is almost nill, Parrikar confessed that he was “disturbed” that the aircraft disappeared so suddenly and added that even the experts are “puzzled”.

He went on to assure the house that the aircraft had “adequate lifetime” and that maximum efforts are being made by the defence ministry to reduce accidents.


Indian Express

Sudden disappearance of the aircraft has even the experts puzzled. Indian Express

He also added that any aircraft that is not fit for flying is not being flown.

Talking about the pilot, he said that he had flown for over 500 hours on the route and that the aircraft had flown 179 hours after undergone its first overhaul.

With regards to any sabotage, Parrikar said there was very little chance of it, but “we are checking all angles”.

As for the US  satellites, he said it may not have picked any signals because of thick cloud cover, but it depends on whether a satellite was crossing the area at the time or not.

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