Home Ministry To ‘Completely Seal’ India-Pakistan Border By December 2018

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4:08 pm 7 Oct, 2016

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on October 7 announced that the India-Pakistan border will be completely sealed by December 2018 on suggestions by various states.


The announcement was made soon after Rajnath’s meeting with Chief Ministers in Jaisalmer, so as to review the security situation in border states.

“Chief Ministers have given their suggestions, will move towards completely sealing the India-Pakistan border by 2018.”

Rajnath is currently on a two-day visit of Rajasthan to review security on India’s western border.

In these two days, Rajnath is expected to visit outposts on the 1,048 km border with Pakistan in Rajasthan.

Giving a little more detail on sealing Pakistan’s border, Rajnath said that India will start a new concept called Border Security Grid.


Few days back, various reports had indicated that the Indian intelligence agencies had given a warning to the government that there is a possibility of terror attacks at airports in Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Gujarat.

Since then around 22 airports in four states have increased their security,and a higher security measure is being followed especially as its festival season.

Rajnath has thus assured people that India’s security would never be compromised and asked them to stay united and keep their belief in the Army alive.


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