To Stop Infiltration On Pakistan Border, Modi Govt Approves A Five-Layer Plan

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9:28 am 11 Apr, 2016

For round-the-clock surveillance of the 2,900-km long Indo-Pak border through sophisticated technology, the Modi government has okayed a five-layer elaborate plan which will completely stop infiltration.

A media report suggested that this will totally “lock” India’s western border to prevent Pathankot-like terror attacks and smuggling.


To track and prevent the movement from the other side, security forces will use CCTV cameras, thermal image and night-vision devices, battlefield surveillance radar, underground monitoring sensors and laser barriers.

The plan’s name is ‘Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System’ (CIBMS) for 24x7x365 surveillance of the border through technology.



Though it will come with a hefty price tag, the government has realised that this is the only way to avoid further attacks.

BSF manning the Indo-Pak border rferl

BSF manning the Indo-Pak border rferl

Report suggests that with CIBMS, security forced can also easily catch those who help in infiltration from the Indian side of the border, with the help of radars that would give a 360-degree coverage. Both day and nigh vision cameras would man the both sides of the border.



The integrated set-up will ensure that if one device doesn’t work, another will alert the control room in case of a transgression, officials said.



Laser barriers will cover 130 unfenced sections including riverine and mountain terrain from Jammu & Kashmir to Gujarat — often used by the infiltrators.

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