India’s Special NSG Team To Head To Bangladesh; Will ‘Analyze And Study’ Recent Terror Strikes

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6:24 pm 7 Jul, 2016

Just hours after Bangladesh was attacked for the second time in a week, India decided to send a special team of National Security Guard (NSG) officers to Dhaka so as to “analyse and study” the bombings.


Earlier this week Bangladesh had also faced a terror siege situation which had resulted in 22 people, including an Indian, being killed in the attack.

The Indian government decided to send an NSG team, who have been authorised to visit the spots of the terror attacks for a first-hand understanding.

The NSG team would also include post-blast analysis and counter-terror operation experts; they will analyse the Holey Artisan restaurant attack.


File photo of NSG during an operation.

File photo of NSG during an operation.

With this, the NSG would be able to study the scenario with their Bangladeshi counterparts and get an insight, which in turn will help them enhance their own counter-terror operations.

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