With 30,000 Indians Giving Up On LPG Subsidy Everyday, India’s Real Growth Is Certain

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3:56 pm 25 Aug, 2015

In a country obsessed with government ‘help’ in the form of subsidy, people are finally recognizing the act of giving up and accepting the fact that they do not need ‘discounts’ from the Indian government to help them grow.



According to Times of India, just weeks after Modi government appealed to people to give up their cooking gas subsidy, citizens are coming up in large numbers to “give it up” and help those who need it more than they do.

According to TOI’s data, nearly 30,000 to 40,000 households are giving up their LPG subsidy daily in order to help their country.


PM Modi’s advertisement appealing the masses to ‘Give it up’ has struck a chord with the people.

Modi’s Independence Day speech at Red Fort this August acted like a catalyst.

There is also a countrywide door-to-door campaign going on in order to capitalise on the impact of the prime minister’s campaign. It is certainly making the life of oil-companies much easier as they have been facing huge losses globally due to government providing fuel at highly subsidised rates.

Modi in his Independence Day speech had mentioned that nearly 20 lakh people had surrendered their LPG subsidy.

The number of people giving up on subsidy is only growing by the day, with over a lakh joining in the movement on August 16 alone.

The figure rose even further to 22.57 lakh on August 17, according to the oil ministry data.


It would be interesting to note that during August 3 parliamentary session, oil and petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan had mentioned in the Parliament that about 13.87 lakh consumers had given up their subsidy.

The fact that in just about 22 days that figure has gone up by nearly 10 lakhs only shows that Indians are finally ready to give up on freebies in order to have a better country.

But one has to read the trend based on the fluctuating gas prices. Currently the government subsidy is just about Rs.200, which is very low. With the passage of time and an increase in gas rate, which  is bound to happen, people might start to regret their ‘Give It Up’ approach because then this subsidy rate will increase manifold, even as high as Rs.800.


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