Indian Creates ‘Bomb-Scare’ To Avoid Missing Flight In Geneva. What Happened Next?

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6:16 pm 8 Nov, 2016

Even if we might be inclined to believe that we can get away with anything in India, we should not even assume in our wildest dreams that we can get away with offences in developed nations of the West.

An unnamed man in Geneva thought of fooling the authorities at the airport just so to ensure that he does not miss his flight. So how did he try to fool them? With a fake bomb scare, of course!

But the man, reportedly from Montreux in Switzerland, was nabbed at the airport after the authorities discovered it was a hoax call. The incident happened on October 13.


The good news is that Swiss authorities have now punished him with a fine of approximately Rs.34 Lakh (50,000 Swiss francs) and sentenced him to prison for six months.

The man said he was an employee of Aeroflot. He was to board a Moscow-bound plane.


Given a series of terror attacks in major European cities, Swiss authorities did not take any chance after the call and promptly rushed a contingent of over 100 police officials to the airport. The plane underwent a thorough check after the passengers were disembarked.

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