These Four Ad Spoofs On Free Basics Tell Us What Will Happen To India If It Is Allowed

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3:46 pm 30 Dec, 2015

You must have come across those full-page ads on the world’s most circulated English daily, our very own The Times of India. They highlighted, argued and, even, peddled a plan that Mark Zuckerberg claims will revolutionise India by ensuring that the poor, unconnected multitudes of this country will be the biggest beneficiary.

But in only four ad spoofs a user at Imgur has presented a future of India if Zuckerberg has his way.

1. The real beneficiary.


Against Free Basics (3)


2. The generation that is about to get lost in the maze.


Against Free Basics (4)


3. What our farmer’s will be growing when they get ‘Free Basics’


Against Free Basics (2)


4. And see who are supporting it.


Against Free Basics (1)


Mark Zuckerberg has been trying almost vehemently to peddle Facebook’s Free Basics in India. He might succeed because our lawmakers are allowing  themselves to be fooled by him, forces (can’t describe the kind) are preventing the real questions from being put to him even as voices have been rallying against his ‘world domination plan’.

Oh yes, these brilliant spoofs were created by this Redditor.

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