Independence Day’s Function By These Slum Kids From Gurgaon Makes A Very Important Point

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12:03 am 16 Aug, 2016

On the 70th Independence Day, children from the slum near Sushant Lok in Gurgaon celebrated the day in a great manner to prove a point.

The children from the slum, who participated and organised an I-Day function with the help from teachers, volunteers, showed that they are not any less talented than others.

“We celebrated the programme so that children get confidence in themselves. We want to show that even if they are from economically backward background, they are as capable as others,” said Laxmi, a teacher, who is associated with the children from last four years.


The fun filled programme included songs, dance, drama and poem recitation. For the programme, the children started the preparation a month back.

“I prepared a lot for my drama. I was nervous but excited too,” said the 10-year-old Sunny.

Untitled-10Even the decoration was done by them. Further, the girls from the group stitched the curtains and other items which were needed.


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The audience was thrilled and so were the children. It was the first time that they performed in front of a large number of people.

Untitled-11“Though I was bit hesitant earlier to take part in group dance as it is not considered a good thing amongst my community, I then decided to go for it. My teacher told me its not a bad thing,” said Pooja.


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