Independence Day Celebrations Turn Sour As 100 Kids Fall Sick

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7:08 pm 17 Aug, 2015

In a sad  turn of events this Saturday, the celebrations of the Indian Independence Day turned sour when about 100 kids fell ill after consuming sweets in Darbhanga district of Bihar.


According to a leading TV news channel, around 100 kids in Ranipur Village of Darbhanga started vomiting and feeling dizzy soon after consuming sweets that were distributed to them during Independence Day celebrations. They had to be rushed to Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital for emergency treatment.

The incidence then further escalated when, according to reports, villagers started to protest against the mukhiya (village head) and demanded that some action be taken against him as he was the one who had distributed the sweets.

While many kids were given treatments and discharged from the hospital, about 20 kids are said to be in a critical condition.

The political front in Bihar has already started to heat up due to the upcoming Assembly Elections and this matter can further escalate as Darbhanga district falls under BJP MP Kirti Azad, while JDU is the current ruling party in Bihar.


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