14 Hassle-free Ways To Increase Your Sex Appeal

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2:00 pm 4 Mar, 2016

A little boost to sex appeal can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself. And if you are shying away from it because you think that you will need a complete makeover, then you must read on.

A simple few tricks can make a world of difference. Try them out and get inspired:


1. Red lipstick has always been considered sexy.

Red lips look sexy, but to keep them looking red you will have to stay away from food and wine for some time. If you want to avoid that and remain alluring, go for a soft and creamy color. Try to look inviting and warm and not like a red torch.


2. Mascara should be part of the beauty ritual of every woman.

Your makeup routine should essentially end with a brush of mascara. This simple trick will make you look doe eyed and sultry at the same time. You will never need false eyelashes.


3. Use a hair serum if you have hair that does not listen to you.

Are you always worried about your hair, even when your partner is making romantic conversation? It is time to invest in a good hair texturizing cream. Just take some cream in your hands and scrunch your hair.

And if you want to enhance the volume, then end it with a quick session with the hair dryer.


4. Always spray your favorite perfume on the nape.

You might not know this but most men find the neck of a woman most attractive. Try not to overdo it. Remember to apply it before you wear your dress and the jewelry. Hold the bottle at least ten inches away before spraying.


5. There is a thin line between sultry and showy eyes.

Smoky eyes are here to stay, but you need to be careful about the smudging. You don’t want to look like a train wreck. Nothing beats a pair of perfect smoldering eyes.


6. Switch to a cream blush from a powder type.

A powder blush can sometimes give you a chalky look, the cream blush on the other hand blends much more easily and gives a natural blush look.


7. A perfect pout is not possible without exfoliation.

Not many women like to take this much trouble, but once you get into a habit, you will be addicted to smooth and clean lips. If you want to make your lips look kissable, start scrubbing them once a week.


8. Avoid using foundation for cover up.

You might be trying to cover freckles and blemishes, but a foundation is the wrong product for this. It will only make your face look cakey. Get a good concealer, instead. Keep the foundation as light as possible.


9. Nude nails are in and painted claws are out.

A nude tone speaks volume about your style quotient and makes you look very chic. Your hands and feet will look much prettier. It also shows that you do not like to follow the crowd.


10. If you want the confident look of Sophia Loren, then a flick of the eyeliner is a must.

The look is here to stay and makes you look like a wild cat to some.


11. Avoid over brushing your hair.

In your zeal, you might over brush your hair with a hard comb and totally lose the natural texture, ending up with frizzy and unmanageable hair. Avoid this problem by simply running your hands through your hair.


12. If you want that sexy look, then get a highlighter today.

A highlighter, when used correctly, can totally change your look. Just dab it on the bridge of your nose, the end of the cheek bones and on the chin. If you are wearing an off shoulder dress then on the blades too. Not many women can master this luminous look, but there’s no harm in trying.


13. You have a brain, put it good use.

If you look like Barbie but talk nonsense, then all the effort you put into makeup is a waste of time. Combine your sexy look with interesting conversation. A positive attitude and smiling eyes never fail.


14. Try humor.

Humor works like a blank cheque. You can get out of any situation by simply being funny. Humor ranks second only to a sexy body on a most people’s list.


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