16 Tips To Improve Your Situational Awareness Skills

9:00 pm 23 Feb, 2015

You don’t have to be Jason Bourne or Sherlock Holmes to develop situational awareness skills that help keep you safe. They also help you to understand everything and everyone around you in a better way. Why not hone your skills to be more alert and aware?

1. Be alert and focus

It is the people who are distracted and unfocused who become victims of criminal attacks. They also have more chances of falls and accidents. Stay alert and be focused.

2. Pay attention to the right things

Often, we fail to pay attention to the things which matter the most to us. More than the exposed cleavage, your attention should be on the man who is eyeing your bag in a suspicious manner.

3. Keep an eye on potential threats

Dangers, like ambulances, always blast sirens; you only need to notice. Ambulance sirens are obvious, but some sirens are not. You may have to be extra alert to notice them initially, until it becomes a habit.

4. Improve your observational abilities

Can you recall the guy who was sitting in the next car at the signal in graphic detail? This is what made Sherlock Holmes the best in his class.

5. A confused mind is your worst enemy

When in confusion, you tend to overlook clues that could help you, you get distracted, make mistakes and increase the confidence of a potentially threatening person. Clear your mind.

6. Get into their heads

With proper observational skills, you will start picking up body language clues that will give you a peek into the other person’s mind. Mind-reading is not that hard after all.

7. Know what to look for in your surroundings

Put your information into practical context, and make decisions about proper response.

8. See – Hear – Smell

Often people associate situational awareness with visual observation, yet it pays to hear sounds, smell odors or sense unwanted touch. Your sense of taste can help you as well. Use all your senses for awareness.

9. Learn relaxation techniques

Though you have to be alert, it doesn’t mean you should be stressed. Relaxation is important for being aware of things around you. Practice and learn relaxation techniques.

10. Step out of smartphone zone

Take your eyes off your smartphone and look around. Smartphone usage is emerging as a leading causes of accidents and attacks, since it blinds you to your environment.

11. Protect your back

You don’t have eyeballs in the back of your skull. Protect your back always.


12. Take a safety stance

In a threatening situation, stand against a wall so that you no one can stab or grab you from the back.

13. Improve your memory

Keep playing memory games with your family to improve your observational skills. That will help all of you to notice details that could turn out to be helpful.

14. Know about body language

This is one language that everyone speaks and in which it is difficult to lie. No matter what people say, they do convey their true intentions and messages through non-verbal linguistics.

15. Evaluate buildup

Everything that takes place, including physical fights or mugging, has some buildup before the event. Evaluate a situation and know where it is going. Do not give them what they want, like an excuse to attack you.

16. Act

Plan an action based on situation awareness. All the effort you put in to hone your awareness is a means to achieve a goal which can be done only when you act upon it.


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