Want To Impress A Smart Indian Girl? These 14 Ways Will Give You A Headstart

12:00 pm 19 Jan, 2016

Do you think winning over girls is easy? Chivalrous pick-up lines, couple of tickets to a theme park and a lavish dinner date – all this can’t clear the way into a smart girl’s heart. It takes much more than fancy dating to impress them. All you need is to be intelligent yourself, and understand what a modern, intelligent Indian girl wants from a man.


1. A man is judged by the way he dresses.

No! Please don’t bring out your blingy suits or sherwanis or anything. Be casual and be yourself. That’s all we want…really!


2. Be original, and talk sense—yes; it’s that simple (or not).

Now, see, everyone flatters; so, what’s the point in choosing you over the rest?


3. You have cash and credit cards? Good for you! But it’d better still if you can flaunt some grey matter too.

Showing off your cash and bank balance every now and then is not going to get you that woman of your dreams.


4. Think wise and speak clearly lest your IQ be likened to Paris Hilton’s.

Flashing that F word every now and then is NOT going to work. Clarity is much appreciated.


5. Have other loves and passions.

Smart girls surely don’t want to be with a man who doesn’t know anything other than a few cheesy lines! For example, girls usually fall flat for guys who love to play the guitar—now, that’s enough of a hint!


6. You may not look like Johnny Depp, but you can be as smart as him!

Well, if you think women are just swayed by beauty, think twice! Why do you think Johnny Depp has been adjudged time and again as one of the sexiest men? Surely he’s good-looking but there’s more to him that looks.


 7. Flirting is good, but please keep it in control.

You just have to master the art of flirting without having to send any overt signals. That’s all.


8. Be a friend first, then a partner.

Come on guys, it’s not a business venture. If you really like a girl, try to know her, understand her, and be a friend to her. This works in the long run, too!


9. Honesty is the best policy—even if it means acknowledging her flaws.

Of course, you should know the perfect time. However, if she’s unable to accept the genuine flaws in her, you deserve someone better!


10. Love her, make her smile, and have a tinge of possessiveness.

Take it from us—girls love their guys being a bit possessive. However, don’t be too possessive unless you want to have the ‘psycho lover’ tag!


 11. Dump those clichés, please—like, the concept of a bimbo.

For if you harbor them yet, you are never going to get a girl who’s smart, intelligent and has free will.


12. Forget about ‘chance pe dance’.

You may as well let go off a few ‘chances’, have her trust you, and go about everything slowly. Again, respect her choices, win her trust—and keep the trust intact.


13. Never lose the purpose in your life.

Girls can deal with failures (she may have been one, too) but that surely doesn’t mean you behave like a pessimistic idiot, and roam about like a ghost for all your life. If she loves you, she will love to support you through all odds but she will definitely not be with someone who has lost all aim and just settles with whatever comes his way.


14. Respect her and her choices. Be a good listener.

She may have the exact opposite choices and preferences compared to you. Don’t rubbish those—accept them just as she accepts yours, and see this lovely relationship blossom into the perfect one!


So, good luck in your quest!


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