MLA Asks Media And The Police To Help Search For Her Lost Dog

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2:29 pm 21 Jul, 2015

Last time a politician’s animals were in the news was when SP leader Azam Khan’s buffaloes had been stolen and the police had launched a massive hunt to find the culprits. That was in Uttar Pradesh. Now we hear news of an MLA’s lost dog from Madhya Pradesh requiring a hunt by police officers.

MLA Imarti Devi from Dabra has been getting teary-eyed in public places ever since her pet Labrador went missing.



Anyone who has ever had a pet can probably empathize with the MLA. Yet there are many who are upset with her for using her political power for ‘personal gain’. Imarti Devi had recently called a press conference and had requested the media to help her in locating the lost dog.

Some detractors feel that press conferences should be used strictly for public welfare issues and not the recovery of lost pets.



But Imarti Devi, who has been an MLA from Dabra (located in the Gwalior district) since 2008, has not taken note of the criticism. The MLA has submitted an application to the police, asking the officers to look for her missing dog.

The SHO has since distributed photos of the pet to policemen who are now searching for the dog that went missing last Tuesday.



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