19 Funny Illustrations Which Prove That The World Is Getting Worse

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8:00 pm 7 Nov, 2015

You think the world is progressing? Well I used to think the same! But these pictures are telling a different story. Have a look:


1. The electronics slim down while we get bigger.



2. Small gadgets are inversely proportional to your large body size.



3. The smarter the technique, dumber your photographs.



4. Your inbox is stuffed with thousand of mails yet there’s no comparison to hand written posts.4


5. Changing duties5


6. Priced happiness



7. Lucky generation!7


8. Shortened conversations  8


9. Internet and everything!9


10. You cannot guarantee because it’s high tech.10


11. Show off is the new sexy.



12. And technology again.12


13. Contacts are more written than verbal.



14. The first thing you look forward to on your birthdays are notifications. 14


15. Internet and everything again!



16. LOL16


17. Global warming alert!17


18. Yeah you surely will need that.18


19. Relationships are in existential crises!19


Credit: earthporm


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