6 Awesome Ideas For Couples To Bond Over

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10:00 am 14 Feb, 2016

Boyfriends! And girlfriends! And best friends! And BFFs. This list is dedicated to you!

We all like to imagine ourselves doing things with other people and especially people we like. But sometimes, we get into a rut, not knowing what to do. We either end up taking too much time to plan or we end up doing the same old things over and over again.

But no more! Read on to find out what are the different things you can do with your better halves, whether they are romantic interests or not.


1. Consumer stuff

This is the stuff we usually do. Go to a movie, a music show, maybe shopping and dinner. This is where we are consumers of the experience. These are good things to do and easy access makes it even better. Look for a play, painting exhibitions, performance poetry around you and expand your circle of consumer stuff.

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Just do it! wikia


2. Outdoorsy stuff

Trekking, hiking, traveling, maybe boating, paragliding, rafting. Take your pick. Outdoorsy stuff will show you what a person is really like – what are their fears, their priorities, their preferences, everything! You will get to know how comfortable you are with each other.

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More romantic than this? lovethispic


3. Gamey stuff

Games! Something totally overlooked by the ‘adult’ population. Both board games and video games are great bonding activities for the indoors. Not only do you get to engage your most primal instincts of competition, you might get to shout out gaalis in front of each other!

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Did you think this possible? lazygamer


4. Sweaty stuff

This one is a personal favorite. Go, take dancing classes together. Or maybe martial arts if you have the spirit. Join a gym, motivate each other to keep in shape, keep strong and look awesome! The more you sweat together, the more you bond together!

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If this doesn’t work, get a refund. mid-day


5. Creative stuff

And for those who like to create things, get together to write a story or a poem. Maybe create a sculpture. Cook! Paint. Make your own gifts. Do what you will. But make instead of buy and make together.

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Any age really… cookingwithstella


6. Good world stuff

You know what kinds of couples become heroes for people? Couples who do things not only for themselves, but for others. There is no greater bond than a bond that works for others. Teach kids who don’t have access to education. Introduce the poor to the internet. Join an organization that works in different parts of the country. Work for the environment, the animals, people…there is so much of the world that requires you. And if your bond becomes stronger in the process, what’s there to complain about?

For couples

Earn some credit while doing it.


Friends, spouses, better halves. Take your pick. Do it with anyone, including your parents. And remember to mix things up!

Would you like to suggest something you do?


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