9 Ideas To Make Your Bachelor Pad Cool

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3:03 pm 3 Mar, 2016

Staying by yourself or with roomies? Would you love to have an uber cool bachelor pad that everyone likes to visit and that you are proud of? Cool, chic, functional, Instagram-able?

Read on to find out simple things you can do to make it so, without spending tons of money!


1. Candies and lollies

It is always a pleasant surprise to find little things of joy when others visit you. Keep a handy bowl of candy and maybe iced lollies of different flavours!


2. Dartboard

When people visit, they should always have something to do. A few sets of table tennis to play, a few darts to aim, a few bubbles to blow, whatever, depending on the size of your pad.


3. Lights

White lights suck. Really. Always have a diffused/yellow light in the house. And best of all, have fairly light bottles, stands or your own creative design of things.


4. Speakers

No bachelor pad is complete without a good set of speakers. The idea is not to spend too much money on the speakers themselves. Even desktop speakers work in a decent sized room. But music is always a must.


5. Soft toys

Always have something to cuddle with. Not only do girls love soft toys, secretly, boys do too. If you have a soft toy lying around, it will becomes a conversation starter as well as make people feel more comfortable around.


6. Bhartiya baithak

Mattresses on the ground work best for parties, sleepovers and general functioning. They are easier to clean and sweep under than a sofa and are much more comfortable. Remember, we are talking about bachelor pads, so knee or hip problems of the later ages don’t apply.


7. Air freshener & vinegar

Always have air freshener on hand. Bad smelling bachelor pads are the exact opposite of cool and totally ubiquitous. Vinegar in a dish works like a charm to get rid of cooking, smoking and alcohol smells.


8. Stocked kitchen

Hunger is not cool. Consequently, everything that gets rid of hunger, is cool. A well stocked kitchen with fruits, ready to eat foods, chakli, farsan, biscuits, etc. might not do too well for your waistline, but it will do wonders for your bachelor pad. 2 AM bhurji is pretty cool by itself, but not every time.


9. Curtains

Please do yourselves a favor and get curtains. Not because you care whether people can look into your place, but because it will add charm to your place and give a super cosy feel when you are with friends or maybe that special someone.


Coolness is beyond how things look, it is about how you make people feel.

Is there anything that we might have missed out on?


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