Watch: This ICC Anthem Tells Us Why The India-Pak Match Is Sabse Bada Moh

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3:06 pm 18 May, 2017

We, Indians, are obsessed with cricket. Nothing creates more madness and euphoria than a cricket match, and if it is an India-Pakistan match, the level of excitement and anticipation is ten times higher.


With ICC Champions trophy starting next month, the Indians will start the tournament with their epic clash with Pakistan on June 4. Whenever these two teams collide, there is always a special anthem to capture the emotions.

Earlier, ‘Mauka Mauka’ craze became a huge hit, and now, the new anthem, ‘Moh Moh’, tells the story of the guy who gives up all the moh maya in the world. But then India-Pak match makes him take a U-turn. The power of cricket!

Watch the video here:


The biggest moh, India-Pak match, is coming.

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