IAF’s AN-32 Missing: Slum Children Waiting For Their ‘Gift Waale Bhaiya’ Laxmikant Tripathi

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8:57 pm 25 Jul, 2016

In Rajrooppur locality in Allahabad’s Dhoomanganj area, 25-year-old aircraftman Laxmikant Tripathi’s family is in shock.



56-year-old father Narendra Nath Tripathi, his wife Meena and their younger son Kartikeya are awaiting the news of his safety, the family’s 25-year-old elder son.

On July 22 morning, Laxmikant informed his father over phone about boarding the plane to Port Blair. However, around 2 pm, an officer posted in Port Blair called them up and informed them about the missing aircraft. Laxmikant’s family is now deeply worried about the safety of him and others on the aircraft.

Laxmikant's mother and younger brother hindustantimes

Laxmikant’s mother and younger brother hindustantimes

“I spoke to him last on July 21 night while he was going for dinner. Laxmi Kant said he would be leaving for Port Blair the following morning, and would call after he reached,” his father said.

So far, Laxmikant’s family has called up nearly 850 times to his mobile phone, but it is showing switched off.



To get information about his son, Narendra Nath even went to Bamrauli Airport in Allahabad, but after meeting Commandent A Rajendran, he started weeping heavily.

Laxmikant joined the Air Force in June 2011. He is the only earning member in his family and few days back came to his hometown for spending holidays.

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar getting brief about the missing IAF plane indianexpress

Defence minister Manohar Parrikar getting brief about the missing IAF plane indianexpress

Laxmikant was about to get married and his family was receiving a lot of proposals. When his father asked him about it, he said he first want to establish himself as an Army officer.

He was also very popular among the slum kids who knew him as ‘Gift Wale Bahiya.’ In fact, many of them even visited his house to know about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the hunt for IAF plane Antonov AN-32 that went missing over the Bay of Bengal continued for the 4th day, with no trace of it being found.

 IAF plane Antonov AN-32 morungexpress

IAF plane Antonov AN-32 morungexpress

While sources said satellites have provided some hints, and the areas indicated are being searched, no debris or signals from the aircraft could be spotted.

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