Two Chinese Men Try To Sell Their Kidneys For iPhone 6s

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2:00 pm 16 Sep, 2015

The crave for an iPhone is so deep in some Chinese that they are willing to risk their health and safety for it. The world was shocked when in 2012 a Chinese teen sold off one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone and an iPad. Now comes this case.

Two Chinese men decided to sell their kidneys so that they could buy the new iPhone 6s. (They cost approximately USD $828.84 in China.)


The two men, identified as Wu and Huang, belong to eastern Jiangsu Province of China.

While the idea to sell their kidneys came from Huang, the two soon found out that it was illegal to do so.

They found an agent on the internet who offered to help them sell their kidneys. The man in turn asked them to take a medical examination at Nanjing hospital, according to a report in a Chinese daily.

When they arrived at a hospital, the agent did not turn up and the confusion gave them time to reconsider their decision to sell off their organs.

While Wu got back to his senses, Huang was adamant. Wu was then forced to call the police to stop his friend from going ahead with his plans.


While the police arrived on Wu’s request,Huang managed to run away and has not been caught yet.

Wu and Huang were lucky that they didn’t loose their organs just to buy a phone. But illegal organ trade in China continues to remain a major problem for the country.

A report says that about 1.5 million people in China need organ transplants, but that only about 10,000 transplants are performed each year, fuelling the illegal trade in organs.


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