Demonetisation Effect: Instead Of Shagun, ‘I Owe You’ Envelops Trend At Weddings

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6:58 pm 13 Nov, 2016

If you think demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes have affected your daily life, then you are wrong. It has also affected ‘shaguns’, a amount of money given in an envelop, at weddings.

It’s wedding season in India and many have run out of money after the Prime Minister’s announcement on November 8. So, what do to?

Many relatives have started giving ‘I Owe You’ envelops to newly wed couples ensuring that they will give them money later.

TOI reported that wedding guests in Jaipur approached designers to print informal signed envelopes which promise that the bearer will be paid a sum varying from Rs 500 to Rs 2,100.




A sixty-year-old Praveen Nahata, a senior marketing consultant, explains why he decide to give IOU envelops:

“My family has to attend a dozen weddings this season. I am gifting them an empty envelope with a promise to pay a sum varying from Rs 500 to Rs 1,100. I will pay them the amount when the flow of new currency notes becomes normal,” Nahata said.

 Not only that, some guests are giving old currency notes. To avoid that, some parents of brides and grooms have requested guests not to gift old currency notes.

“The father of the bride or groom is already troubled with a lot of things. After my daughter’s marriage, I don’t want to be waiting in long queues to deposit old currency notes. I got many things done on credit for the wedding,” said Jyoti Prasad Sehdev, the father of a bride.

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