8 Photographs That Show The Meaning Of Hypocrisy In Photography

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2:00 pm 29 Sep, 2015

Every side of a coin has another side, so do photographs. You find a good location and click it. People use social media to upload their photographs but there are very few who show the true colors of the location. Here are some pictures that unveil the another side of some photographs. These sides are dark!


1. Buildings, complexes, infrastructures means development. At the cost of deforestation?



2. Taxis are beautiful. Not these rickshaw pullers?



3. Why capture the sky when the ground you are standing on is deteriorating?



4. Capturing innocence. What about their innocent future?



5. Unemployment is not beautiful. Right?



6. One of the wonders of the world. Is the filth around it wonderful?

12036898_1603818279838859_7059794967753240426_n (1)


7. Sunset beautifully preserved. Isn’t the other side contradicting?



8. Oh you found a perfect background. What about that garbage at your left for the next freeze?



Credit: Limitless

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