Woman Reporter Trips A Syrian Refugee Carrying A Child, Just To Take Shots

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4:05 pm 10 Sep, 2015

After the video of a camerawoman tripping a Syrian refugee along with his kid went viral on the net, the world has been responding with shock and anger towards the the Hungarian reporter, who following the social outcry, was fired from her job.

While many criticized the media and the level that they have stooped to just to get a story, many praised the German reporter who brought this audacity to the world’s notice.

Here is a pictorial ‘blow-by-blow’ of what went down that day:

1. As the story about the plight of Syrian refugees is brought to the forefront, hundreds of news crew line up at the Hungary border.

2. A man carrying a young kid tries to escape the Hungarian police and runs between two camera persons

3. While one gets out of his way, the women on his right, sticks her foot out, tripping him and his child face first into the ground.

4. The refugee falls right on top of his kid, almost crushing him in the process.

5. When he gets up and checks on the child, he is soon surrounded by the police, who saw what happened.

6. Later, the refugee is seen having a conversation with a police officer.

7. The camerawoman continues filming the event like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

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