They Sell Girls At A Price Cheaper Than A Buffalo In Haryana

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3:05 pm 20 Aug, 2015

Haryana has always held a dubious reputation in India due to its high crime rate, but the state recently hit a new low when it was found that young women and girls brought here by human traffickers are being sold off to men for as low as Rs.60,000 to Rs.1 lakh.


The biggest reason behind the existence of this trade in Haryana is that poor sex ratio in the state has made it difficult to find matrimonial matches for landless and unskilled men.

According to the Delhi Police Crime Branch this is why traffickers started to procure girls illegally from other less developed states so as to get them married into a life where they face physical and mental harassment.

According to census done in 2011, Haryana has the worst sex ratio among all states in India. There are just 879 females as compared to 1000 males which is shocking low and far below the national average of 943 females per 1000 males.


According to The Statesman, trafficked girls are sold mostly in areas like Rohtak, Jind and Karnal.

A police source told ‘The Statesman’:

“The girls have been sold sometime for less than the price of a buffalo.”

The conditions they are kept in are pathetic.

Many of these girls are given tablets that make them lose their mental stability.

According to a Bengal-based NGO Shaktivahini, most girls trafficked into Haryana are from West Bengal.

Traffickers find it easy to exploit the largely illiterate people from the lower strata of the society of Bengal. They are exploited for their poverty and lured in on pretext of job opportunities and better lives in developed cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Rishi Kant a member of NGO Shaktivahini recently told The Statesman:

“Taking advantage of the girls’ illiteracy, traffickers make them stamp their thumb prints on marriage papers after which it becomes easy for them to sell the girls to other persons.”

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