You’ll Never Guess What Hrithik Meant By ‘Pope’ In His Pope Tweet

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6:58 pm 31 Mar, 2016

Poor Roshan! He must be regretting that unfortunate day he posted a mere Tweet.


Between Hrithik slapping a legal notice to Kangana, and then Kangana slapping another one on him, a lot has been heard, written and read about the story. What also has apparently happened was that another party got seriously offended by the Tweet.

How could you insult a Pope in a ‘silly’ fight between the exes?

According to Abraham Mathai, the former Vice-Chairman of the States Minorities Commission, the Tweet suggests Hrithik’s preference of dating the Pope over Kangana. Consequently, he filed a suit against Roshan.

”Why demean the Pope? Hrithik has a right to have relations with anybody, but the Pope is not a common man, he is the religious head of Catholics all over the world. Besides, Hrithik’s stupid tweet gives rise to too many inferences. The actor in question has set a very bad example for the youth of India. Importantly, he has forgotten that he has thousands of fans from the Catholic community. Mr. Hrithik has hurt the religious sentiments, feelings and beliefs of Christians all over the world. I want an unconditional apology from him in the next 7 days.”

But Hrithik has not been sensible since last few months, or since his divorce with Suzanne Khan.


We know heartbreaks make you do weird things, but his reply to this allegation is the weirdest of all things he’s said in this entire Kangana-episode.

According to ‘Mumbai Mirror’, “Hrithik’s stupid tweet” didn’t refer to the Pope from the Vatican City, but…wait for it.. a FISH!

Apparently, Eurasian Ruffe, a freshwater fish found in Europe, is also called a pope.

Anyway, Hrithik Roshan should stop disappointing his fans by proving Ranaut right again and again!

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