How Big An Indian Comic Book Fan Are You?

7:15 pm 27 Jun, 2014


[message start=”0″ end=”2″]

Why did you take this challenge?


[message start=”3″ end=”4″]

Put your comic books down and just walk off.


[message start=”5″ end=”6″]

Oh, wait a minute. You really consider yourself a comic fan?


[message start=”7″ end=”8″]

Boy, you need to restart yourself from scratch.


[message start=”9″ end=”10″]

You sound like a rampaging newbie.


[message start=”11″ end=”12″]

Ah! You’re a budding comic lover.


[message start=”13″ end=”14″]

You’re a suitable icon for aspiring comic fans.


[message start=”15″ end=”16″]

You’ve a great reputation among comic fans, right?


[message start=”17″ end=”18″]

You eat, sleep and pray comic books.


[message start=”19″ end=”20″]

Cheers! You’re the biggest fan out there.


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