People Are Giving Away Their Gorgeous Houses In Italy For Just 80 Rupees

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3:10 pm 17 Apr, 2017

In Italy, there are houses in villages of Gangi in Sicily, Carrega Ligure in Piedmont and Lecce nei Marsi, in Abruzzi, that are being sold for just £1 (approximately Rs. 80) but are still unable to attract customers that would buy these homes.


What makes these homes to be offered for sale at such low prices?

The cities in which these homes are located are known to be haunted places of misfortune. Also, the places are prone to natural disasters and there is no employment available around here. The people living here in the past have even been driven out of their homes by pirates. Hence, locals are luring people back by selling properties at throwaway prices.

Many of these houses in Sicily date back to the 19th century and are known to be beehive style hamlets. The ones in Carrega Ligure belong to the 11th century and are scattered through 5 valleys located in 11 mountain districts of Italy.


The mayors of these villages are making every possible effort to attract people into these areas and prevent these communities from withering. Selling these decaying homes at such low prices and even offering some of them for free is an initiative in the same direction.

The locations of these villages and the properties therein are absolutely to die for!

Any conditions?

Yes! There is a catch. The one who buys a house has to spend a sum of £18,000 (€25,000) on renovation of property. But once the owner re-does the property, its value can increase by as much as 300 percent.


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