Little Boy, Reunited With His Toy Tiger, Realizes That Hobbes Had A Busy Time Away

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12:16 pm 18 Jun, 2015

After boarding a flight to Houston with his family, 6-year-old Owen realized that he’d lost his favorite stuffed toy, Hobbes. Since Hobbes was made by Owen’s aunt, he was truly irreplaceable. His mother and aunt called Tampa International Airport, and within an hour after landing in Texas, learned that Hobbes was safe and would be waiting in Lost & Found for the boy’s return.

When Owen and Hobbes were finally reunited, Owen learned that his stuffed tiger had a little trip of his own.

1. He watched a storm brewing above the Air Traffic Control tower.


2. He debated over which gelato flavor he should try.


3. He helped this guy deliver luggage to the Marriott.


4. He oversaw the airport’s maintenance requirements.


5. He worked alongside the tarmac emergency crew – and didn’t need any extra protection.


6. He helped to keep the planes clean and shiny.


7. Reunited with Owen, he gets to show the little boy what all he’s been up to.




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