Relive That High School Romance: ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ Is Back

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7:52 pm 15 Feb, 2016

‘Hip Hip Hurray’ is back with a whole new cast and it will be produced in collaboration with Lost Boy Productions. This high school romance portrays the dreams, desires and romance of every teenage life. The show is going through a complete makeover, and a whole new cast is all set to surprise us.

Krissann Barretto

Krissann has acted in ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’, ‘The Fightback Files’ and ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’.

She plays Anushree, who is a bit orthodox. A newcomer to the school, she feels out of place, but has no desire to be part of any group. She is also extremely hard-working and an achiever.


Anshuman Malhotra

He starred in ‘Haider’ as the young Shahid Kapoor.

He plays Siddharth, an extremely self-centred guy who treats life like a party. His character is that of a shameless guy who eventually falls in love with Anushree – the girl who slapped him the first time they met.


Rohan Shah

Rohan started his television career with serials like ‘Humse Hai Life’ and has appeared in more than 300 TV commercials. Recently he was seen in ‘Gumrah’ and ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’.

He plays an introverted and a socially awkward guy who is Siddharth’s confidant. He is confused about his sexual orientation.


Shweta Bajpai

This film actress appeared in ‘My Friend Pinto’ and was also seen in the TV show ‘Warrior High’.

In ‘Hip Hip Hurray’, she plays Tasha – a super-rich girl whose parents are divorced. Tasha is self-conscious about her looks and has always envied her beautiful mother who has a good-looking boyfriend. Tasha adores her stepdad and hates her mother.


We hope this information is enough to spike your interest in this remake of the old Zee TV classic. We also wish the show good luck and hope that it’s as successful as the original.

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