Muslim Women Join Hands With Hindus For ‘Kanwar Yatra’ In Indore

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6:30 pm 25 Aug, 2015

In a unique expression of communal harmony, a large group of Muslim men and women participated in special ‘Kanwar Yatra‘ in Indore on Monday.


The  group was celebrating the last ‘saavan‘ of the month and included both Hindu and Muslim women.

While Hindu women donned saffron attires while their Muslim counterparts wore black burkas.


Reports say that many Sikh, Christian and Parsi women took part in this special yatra, though it is unconfirmed.


The yatra started at Madhumilan Chouraha and proceeded till Geeta Bhawan Temple of the city.


Talking about this unique yatra, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar (who later in the day stirred up a fresh controversy for BJP) said that it showed the unity of the country.


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