Mob In Bihar Abducts And Kills A Hindu Man For Marrying A Muslim Girl

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9:00 pm 25 Mar, 2015

To some people in the world (and I am not generalizing), religion is above love.

In a case of honour killing, a Hindu youth in Senduari village in Hajipur, Vaishali district, Bihar, was abducted and killed for marrying a Muslim girl, who was also kidnapped with the victim.

The girl was recovered two days after the incident from Gayghat of Muzaffarpur by the police.


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The victim, Sanjiv Patel, had married Chandni, the daughter of Mohammed Ezazul, who lives in the same village, four months ago.

The girl’s father had filed an FIR alleging that Patel had abducted his daughter. The girl, however, deposed before a court expressing her wish to live with Sanjiv.

The Hajipur court ruled in the couple’s favour after which they returned to the village.

On Saturday night around 100 people attacked Sanjiv at his residence, beat him and his brother up, and abducted him along with his Chandni.

Sanjiv’s body was found next day near a bridge.

The family of the victim blames the girl’s family for the killing.

Tensions are building up in the area, and men of the Muslim community have reportedly fled their homes in anticipation of trouble.

Police have been deployed in high numbers to prevent any untoward incident and senior officers are camping in the area.

The police have also arrested 10 accused. Another 27 have been named in an FIR along with 40 unnamed.

Chandni and Sanjiv’s love story was brutally cut short by fanatics who do such things in the name of religion, gotra, caste, status or race. But no mainstream English media or Liberal mouthpiece covered this story.

Ignoring the crimes of criminals will only embolden them, not help secularism.

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