This Photographer Is Being Hailed As A Superhero For Saving A Child Instead Of Taking Photos

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10:08 pm 19 Apr, 2017

Abd Alkader Habak is an Aleppo-based activist-videographer. On April 16, he was among those hit by a suicide attack on a convoy of buses carrying Shia residents in Syria.

At least 126 people died in the attack, among them 68 children.


This image shows buses at the evacuation point where an explosion hit at the Rashideen area near Aleppo. Thiqa News via AP

This tragic incident was a perfect opportunity for Habak to do his job – take pictures and send them for publication.

But Habak was more than just any other photojournalist. He was more than just any other human. He was a hero. So the Syrian decided not to waste time by clicking pictures and instead help the wounded.

Habak told CNN:

“The scene was horrible — especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you. So I decided along with my colleagues that we’d put our cameras aside and start rescuing injured people.”

He ran from one dead child to another trying to find anyone who was breathing. He did found some of them and carried them to the nearest ambulance.

The photograph in which he is seen running with a wounded child in his arms was taken by Muhammad Alrageb.


Muhammad Alrageb

Alrageb also clicked this photo of a grieving Habak beside a dead body of a child.


Muhammad Alrageb

Though Alrageb, too, was helping the wounded but he thought to spare a moment to take a few pictures for the sake of accountability.

Thanks to his decision of clicking at least two pictures, internet now knows Habak as a hero.


This is the only photograph that Habak took just to capture that carnage a bunch of fanatics unleashed on humanity:

Abu Alkader Habak

And this is what he has to say to all those hailing him:


Give him a Pulitzer. Not for taking the best photo of a conflict, but for not losing his humanity in the face of a career-defining opportunity.

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