9 Stages Of A Heartbreak When You Want To Scream ”Just Go To Hell Dil”

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5:01 pm 10 Nov, 2016

While the human race may have advanced to innumerable heights, dealing with heartbreaks and emotion still get us numb and clueless. There’s no perfect ten on ten ‘HOW TO’ yet when it comes to dealing with heartbreaks.  As Alia Bhatt said in an interview, ”Nobody’s found a cure for heartbreak. If they had, the world would be a much happier place.”

And so, even when the world seems to be our oyester, a wounded heart has little to do with the joys of it. Here are eight stages of healing a broken heart – oh yes, it heals, even when it seems like your broken pieces won’t ever fit again.


STAGE 1: All’s good.

That first stage of denial where you force a smile, shake it up and tell yourself everything is under control – when in real, all you want to do is scream out loud.

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STAGE 2: The world is falling apart

That acceptance stage when it hits you and you realize it can’t get worse than this. The world seems to be falling apart, the tears refuse to dry and your bed becomes your safe haven.

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STAGE 3: You don’t want to go home

Driving endlessly in circles listening to saddest of Bollywood hits and wondering what really went wrong? Yes, rolled down windows.
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STAGE 4: Sleepless nights

Anxious, sweaty, sleepless nights. This is precisely the stage when you’re desperate for answers : Why, How, When?
Basically, you are just waiting for days to pass.
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STAGE 5: Best friends a.k.a counselors

The stage when you go out to vent it out to your friends because it’s been too many lonely nights. They tell you what a jerk was he, you agree what an amazing person you deserve. Unfortunately, this too doesn’t work.


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STAGE 6 : Bring it on

Enough of rona-dhona. Your inner ninja comes out as you break bottles, scream ”F*ck you” at random people and basically act like a psycho losing their shit.

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Stage 7: I-need-a-trip

In this instatravel world, a heartbreak is mostly followed by an impromptu trip. Desperate for an escape, you run away as far as you can.

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STAGE 8: That ray of hope

Apart from the rebounds, most often than not, at this stage, some magical souls start working around. Synchronicity bumps you into meeting at least one fundamental person or event. Your broken heart is definitely done with the darkness and can’t help but see them as a bright ray of hope!



STAGE 9: Good morning

What seemed broken and lost is fixed and found. The hope finally leads you to find a new morning. And no, it doesn’t necessarily end with meeting a new love. It’s the realization that all you needed was you!


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Alia Bhatt will flashback it all for you in Dear Zindagi’s latest song ”Just Go To Hell Dil” – because sometimes that’s all we really want to say!


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