16 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Have A Comedian Friend

5:00 pm 17 Jun, 2015

If you think that a comedian’s role is just to make you laugh by slamming slapsticks, then you are mistaking big time.


He refreshes you and rejuvenates you after a long, mundane day or week, and inspires you through his jokes and makes sure sadness is always miles away from you. Isn’t that amazing?

And, the fun just doubles when you’ve a comedian friend in your group! Read on the list to know the reasons you should have (or date) a comedian in your life —

1. When the world tries to console you, he tries to make you laugh.

…Because making you laugh and happy comes first in his To-Do list!


2. When the world worries about its vices, this friend of yours laughs over his worries.

If laughing won’t solve anything, then worrying will not come of any use either. So, why not laugh over the problems and live a carefree life?


3. They can just read your minds perfectly.

…After all, reading mind is an art, and they got to master it to serve their audiences (and, you) better!


4. They can light up any situation.

The word “Bore” doesn’t really exist in their dictionary!


5. Who else can be the heart of a party when they are around?

No matter what, everyone gets turned on by a dose of humor!


6. When everyone runs after money, this friend of yours runs after his passion.

And that certainly has its own charm, and is indeed an inspiration.


Comedian friend

7. They may or may not be paid well, but they do what they love and love what they do.


8. They know how to laugh at themselves and make no fuss about life treating them unfairly.

No one can really punch jokes on themselves, every single day, to make different people laugh. Only someone with a heart of gold can do that.


9. They demonstrate how to really live (while you work, eat, sleep and deal with this ever changing thing called life).

Watch them “do their jobs” professionally every single day; they’d act as stand-up comedians at anywhere. Cafeteria, marriage party, parking lot, alumni meet or anywhere else – you name it!


10. Growing old? What’s that?

Since laughter is the best medicine to stay alive, happy and forever young, with them around, you can never grow old and dull!


11. You can never grow bored of them.

Their idiotic pranks and activities always lift you up after a dull and mundane day.


12. They carve out fascinating stories even about the most boring characters ever.

Hang out with such a friend at any populated center or any boring exhibition or the likes – sure you won’t be able to help yourself from cracking up!


13. Trust us, they are the most charming personalities ever.

Unlike muscles or beauty, which most people go by, their humor isn’t transient! And, you learn to love them with all their flaws!


They will have you in splits even while you fight with them, and in a good way!

14. They are grounded and look at the world critically without imposing their own views.

This is what makes them special, and very lovable.


15. Hate this comedian friend? Not an option.

Hating or even ignoring them is just not possible.


16. Straight talk, yeah! Come on!

For once, you meet people who talk straight at your face without mincing their words or back biting! Now, that’s we call true friends and companions!


Now go, give that comedian friend of yours a hug.


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