Haunted Thoughts That Scare Us At Night

In the dark of the night, when the moon gets covered by the clouds, a strange chill passes through the body. It is a feeling that many of us might agree to have experienced. That strange chill then takes the shape of fear. Disturbing thoughts start invading the mind and then, suddenly, a wave of thoughts emerges.

(Note: The slideshow may take a small time to load so please don’t rush)

Who the hell is touching my feet?

Where is this noise coming from?


Sound of footsteps! There is something really wrong!

I’ll wrap myself under the blanket or else i’ll be attacked by a demon

I closed the window pane! How did it open on its own?

Is there anybody under the bed?

Is somebody standing outside the window?


Why has the cable stopped working? It was working fine earlier!

What’s the sound in the corridor all about?

Another reason to cover yourself under the blanket!

Whoa Power Cut! It’s a risky time for any kind of movement!

I can feel somebody’s presence in the room

What’s that noise all about?


Wait! You think you saw something

The possibility of a demon attacking you is always there

So investigating the house is essential

At first the windows

Then your book shelf

Don’t forget to check the corridor

Because you never know what the night has in store for you

And when you finally fall asleep

Thank us for saving you from this


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