15 Reasons To Be Thankful You Haven’t Fallen In Love

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8:51 pm 5 Aug, 2015

1. You’ll have time for introspection

Personal growth is very important in everyone’s life but it requires deep reflection and solitude, which is harder to attain when you’re in a committed relationship.

2. You aren’t a sheep

Love works like a contagious disease in groups; once even one person is bitten by the lovebug, everyone else follows suit. You have to be individualistic to ignore the pressure.

3. You’ll get better at your hobbies

Whether its playing a musical instrument or painting a ceiling – getting good at creative pursuits requires time and dedication, which you will have.

4. You don’t get confused about your emotions

So many people think that lusting after someone equals being in love with them. Sex and love are two different things and you’re not confused about that.

5. You don’t need somebody to complete you

Most people in love think it’s romantic that somebody completes them, but it sounds like they aren’t real people when they’re not in relationships.

6. You can focus on life goals

Unlike people who are totally invested in their romantic relationships, you can pursue different life goals. These can be a career, spiritual enlightenment, travel, etc.

7. You’ll be more self-reliant

People in relationships rely on each other to get some things done, while that’s good for them, you will become the sort of person who can handle most things on your own.

8. You can learn from other’s mistakes

When everyone around you rushes into relationships and ‘love’ you can see where they went wrong: got serious too soon, trusted someone despite red flags, etc.

9. You can focus on your friendships

People in love often lose friends because they focus on their relationship. You can make good friends and invest in those friendships that will last the test of time and loves.

10. You can have the fun of romance

Not falling in love doesn’t mean that you ignore the opposite sex. While you’re waiting to meet the right one, you can have fun flirting and messing around with other nice people.

11. You’ll be spared the pain of losing love

If you’ve ever been around people who broke up with their partner, you know it turns them into complete messes. You have spared yourself the heartache.

12. You’re a free bird

No demanding boyfriend or girlfriend will be angry about why you chose to stay out late or splurge money on that unnecessary and expensive item.

13. You’ll save your rupees

You know when you’re in committed relationships, you need to buy the other person expensive gifts and take them out to good restaurants. You’ll save much money.

14. No awkward family interviews

Since every parent thinks their useless kid is God’s gift to mankind, meeting the parents is usually tense and awkward. Thank god you don’t have to sit through that.

15. Your bed is your own

You know you need your rest and having someone else hogging your bed or your blankets can be highly annoying. You can spread out, curl up and even fart to your heart’s content.



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